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Readers of Sinister Forces know the importance I assigned to the town of Ashland, Kentucky and how I stumbled upon Indian mounds in that town’s Central Park and wondered how a young Charles Manson (who lived in Ashland for the first few years of his life) saw them and how their secrets of death and ritual might have affected his young mind.

That went on to become a meditation on the Adena culture which built the mounds, and on America as a haunted house: populated by ghosts of a past we have forgotten or never known.

A few years ago a Brooklyn-based band known as Pinataland wrote and recorded a song based on my travel to Ashland as described in Sinister Forces and sent me the link.  It was uncanny how they managed to capture the mood and the context of that trip.  Pinataland specializes in music that describes and illustrates some of America’s more bizarre (yet nevertheless unremembered) events and personalities and they are worth a listen.

You can start with the following link which will lead you to an online recording of “Ashland.”  But don’t stop there.  Pinataland even recorded a song about the strange Coral Castle in South Florida and its enigmatic builder … The whole album is like listening to a volume of Sinister Forces, but without the footnotes!

Hour long interview with Eben Rey

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Eben Rey of KPFK in San Francisco last night (or actually early this morning on the East Coast) for a solid hour of commercial-free radio.  It was 1 am my time, and I had just come down after 3 hours with Jimmy Church on Coast-to-Coast AM which ran from 2 am to 5 am my time on Monday morning.  So I guess I’m getting used to the late nights.

So used to them, that I pretty much didn’t let poor Ms Rey get a word in edge-wise.  Listeners know that I can easily run off for uninterrupted monologues on virtually anything, and when it comes to my books — we talked about Sinister Forces, Ratline, and The Hitler Legacy — there is virtually no stopping me.  Part of the problem is the complexity of these subjects, plus and I have  a New Yorker’s bad habit of talking fast to make sure I get my points in!

If you have a chance, though, you might want to listen when the interview is uploaded as we plumbed the murky depths of international underground networks causing all sorts of mayhem, as well as a discussion of how global jihad was invented — not in Baghdad — but in Berlin.

Phenomenal Sales Greet Release of The Hitler Legacy

As mentioned on site, first day sales of The Hitler Legacy were outstanding.  The book ranked in the top 350 on Monday, November 10, 2014 and was a bestseller in three categories on the amazon list on that day.

As of today, the amazon ranking is around 1,300 but remains at #1 in one category and #2 in two other categories.  As of this moment, amazon has sold out of both The Hitler Legacy and the prequel volume, Ratline.  Not a bad showing at all, and my thanks to all those readers who have been following my work all these years who helped make this possible!


Taking Away the Stone

Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days.    John 11:39

Yes, I have risen.  Not from the dead, but from media absence (which in our culture is pretty much the same thing).  Most of you who know me also know that I avoid social media as much as possible.  It would not do for me to be interviewing Nazis in some remote town and at the same time take pictures of my latte at the local coffee shop to update my Facebook page.  Something about security concerns, nicht war?

As for stinking … well … I leave that up to you to judge.  One does have one’s critics, after all.

And what of my sojourn in the Underworld?

I have been traveling extensively in remote regions as well as in major urban areas, in Southeast Asia as well as in Europe.  I have been gathering research for a number of books, the latest of which — The Hitler Legacy — has just come out.  That book boasts a complete analysis of the recently-declassified Nazi ace and ODESSA organizer Hans Ulrich Rudel’s address book (which has many names in the Americas as well as Europe) and includes a discussion  of the origins of global jihad and the contribution of the Kaiser’s Germany, Hitler’s Germany and finally the United States intelligence services to the creation, financial support, logistical support, and subsequent growth of international terrorism.  The themes will be uncomfortable to many; as always, everyone is free to criticize my findings but the research itself is solid.

My first major “appearance” will be this Sunday evening, November 9, 2014 on the Coast-to-Coast AM radio show with Jimmy Church.  We will discuss this book as well as touch on some of my previous work, notably Sinister Forces.  You may be finding some difficulty in accessing the Sinister Forces website as we experienced a major server crash, but the Trine Day site is up and running for those who are jonesing for more conspiracy-oriented literature.

More later.  Really.  I promise!