Proof of Life

I am still alive.

So there.

There have been a few podcasts in recent weeks plus one coming up tonight that I thought I should mention, as they would at least demonstrate my current state of physical viability.  I thought of holding up a newspaper with today’s date but thought better of it.  Can’t really see that on an audio presentation …

Tonight’s is with Project Camelot.  It will deal with the links between the Nazi underground and the rise of terrorism around the world (and not only with so-called “Islamic terrorism”).  You might be surprised by what you hear.  The link to this broadcast (which begins at 7 pm Pacific Time and 10 pm Eastern Time) is:

and on Youtube at:

Recently I have also been interviewed on

where we talked about a wide range of subjects, mostly the sinister forces that lurk beneath the surface of our “corn-fed consciousness”!

I’ve also been interviewed for The Gralien Report, with Micah Hanks,  and on Agenda21 Radio:

I am still extremely involved with a project that dare not mention its name (at least, so far) so  these podcasts basically act as “proof of life.”  You all remember how the rumors flew last year when people thought I had been kidnapped … or worse!

Yes, I have a great deal to say about current events (in case you’re wondering) but I am holding my tongue.  You don’t need another pundit (or would-be pundit) throwing in his two cents.  I think my readers can pretty well make up their own minds about these things, anyway.   I may cover some of this tonight, but I think you know where I stand.

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Proof of Life”

  1. Mr. Levenda: I heard on one of your interviews that currently hold the Extra Terrestrial theory due to Occam’s Razor. However, there is another theory that should also be considered. I have these links below by John Keel and Jacques Vallee which might interest you and anybody else here. There is no religious bias in any of their books. Thank you for all the work you are doing to expose whatever it really is. The Orthodox Church has come out in favor of the Satanic theory re. UFOs and Alien Abductions. Peace, Lily,%20John%20-%20Our%20Haunted%20Planet.pdf

    Here’s a link to the Orthodox Church’s article:

    1. Hi Lily,

      Thanks for your comments. My feelings are much more aligned with those of Vallee and Keel than other authors. The problem lies in semantics and terminologies when speaking with others who may not be familiar with the rather complicated concepts that Vallee and Keel represent. I don’t really hold the ETH as gospel but only use it for ease of communication and then only sometimes. It’s one of the possibilities and since I do not have definite proof one way or another it’s sometimes easier to reference the ETH since most people are familiar with it. That the “others” may be either ET or functions of consciousness that are somehow manipulated or represent extra-dimensional forces may not be immediately relevant to an experiencer (although very relevant for those who study the Phenomenon and want an answer).

      Many thanks for the links, however! I’ve read virtually all of Vallee and Keel, but there are other who have not and I highly recommend them.

      Also thanks for the Orthodox link. I’m aware that not only the Orthodox but many Evangelicals also hold the Satanic theory. I believe the truth is somewhat stranger and not as easy to characterize in terms of moral forces.

      But I am perfectly willing to be shown otherwise!


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