And so it goes …

I am still in the thick of a project that is consuming all of my time and sending me around the country, and so far I still can’t talk about it (!).  However, while surrounded by documents and books and conducting interviews with people from various disciplines I still have time for the occasional podcast or radio interview.

I am in the midst of another one with Dave Emory.  As you know, Mr. Emory has been conducting interviews for nearly forty years, challenging the accepted, consensus view on a variety of topics but especially on the aftermath of World War II and how it has affected foreign and domestic policies globally.  As you know, I did a marathon session with Dave this year and have already done another one today with at least one or two more in the works.

You can find them here:

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Give a listen when you have the time.  We talk about Ratline and The Hitler Legacy, with forays into modern American politics and especially the current election process and the problem of xenophobia.