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Greetings, and hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season!

I have been a little late in getting some work done around here, and was amiss in not posting this link to an interview I did with Brent Holland a month ago.  But better late than never, so please have a listen when you have a moment and let me know your thoughts:

4 thoughts on “New Interview Online”

  1. Excellent ShoW. I am a subscriber to Night Fright on Utube and am consistently able to enjoy the programs featured there. This first Hour is a supremely Sharp and precise presentation of this subject. Congrats and Gratitude to Mr. Levenda and Mr. Holland. I am on to Hour Two… Keep Up the Great Work. - JoE G

  2. Hi JoE G,

    Hour Two is available at the Night Fright website. Peter’s crystal c lear elucidation of the repeated attempts on the part of the West, starting in WWI through the Third Reich and al Husseini and through to Eisenhower and Dulles and then in an unbroken line to Afghanistan is most important, and his underscoring of the importance of disambiguating Islam as such from the horrors committed in its name (now in France and beginning in Germany) is crucial. If we do not, as Peter stresses, we play into the hands of these very terrorists who wish to be seen as the true representatives of Islam.

  3. Great interviews with this host. Looking forward to more from you Peter. Thank you for all you are doing.

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