Phenomenal Sales Greet Release of The Hitler Legacy

As mentioned on site, first day sales of The Hitler Legacy were outstanding.  The book ranked in the top 350 on Monday, November 10, 2014 and was a bestseller in three categories on the amazon list on that day.

As of today, the amazon ranking is around 1,300 but remains at #1 in one category and #2 in two other categories.  As of this moment, amazon has sold out of both The Hitler Legacy and the prequel volume, Ratline.  Not a bad showing at all, and my thanks to all those readers who have been following my work all these years who helped make this possible!


One thought on “Phenomenal Sales Greet Release of The Hitler Legacy”

  1. I ordered The Hitler Legacy today from Amazon. I have also read your Sinister Forces trilogy and enjoyed them. My ancestry is German, I myself having been named after my great grandfather Stefan Haelbig of Germany. Fascination with the Nazi cult naturally runs in my blood. I am a supporter of Israel and have recently rekindled my interest in Nazism due to the current events transpiring with Iran and Israel, and of course ISIS. I have a great interest in psychology and political science, as a very close relative of mine is an analyst for the FBI. I appreciate your dedicated research on these topics.

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