Recent and Upcoming Events

Taking care of social media is time-consuming, as many of you know.  That is why I avoid most social media outlets as it would be a full time job  just trying to keep current.  I have some impossible deadlines this year — all achievable, but which demand focus and concentration — and updating a raft of media sites would basically shut me down!  So my apologies for not keeping this site updated as much as you,  or I, would like.

That said, here is some updated information:

The ongoing series of interviews on the Dave Emory/Spitfire site is, well, still ongoing.  We will soon complete the interviews dedicated to The Hitler Legacy, and the last one(s) should be up in the next few weeks.

In addition, I have done a long interview with Jasun Horsley on his site:

This is a thoughtful interview, going into matters philosophical and psychological, and some listeners have enjoyed the exchange of ideas they hear in this free-wheeling conversation.

I also taped an  interview for a Discovery Channel documentary on the Nazi underground.  When that is scheduled to appear, I will let you know.

Now for the weird news:

I have been asked to participate in Contact in the Desert: a UFO type conference that takes place at Joshua Tree in Southern California that is hosted by George Noory (of Coast-to-Coast AM) and which will boast an array of famous speakers on everything from aspects of disclosure to ancient alien theories, etc.

I will be giving a presentation at the ungodly hour of 7:30 am on Sunday, May 31 and  then a workshop that evening.  This is the first time I will be at such an event since that famous Secret Space presentation in Amsterdam some years ago.

Now you all know I am not the UFO guy, although I did cover some of the story in Sinister Forces, but my research and point of view makes it impossible for me to ignore the larger, sociological implications of the ongoing UFO phenomenon and its religious/spiritual aspects.  I will be talking about communication (is it possible between species, and especially between us and a species of which we have no real knowledge? how would that work?) and about the possibility that religious and shamanic experiences may reflect “contact” in some way.   Basically, my point of view is I think it is time we stopped trying to prove the reality of this phenomenon and started working with the material.

In addition, I am hard at work at finishing my next book which is about the relationship between European alchemy (especially in the persons of Thomas and Rebecca Vaughan) and Tantra.   Watch this space!

That’s all for now.  Back to work!