Readers of Sinister Forces know the importance I assigned to the town of Ashland, Kentucky and how I stumbled upon Indian mounds in that town’s Central Park and wondered how a young Charles Manson (who lived in Ashland for the first few years of his life) saw them and how their secrets of death and ritual might have affected his young mind.

That went on to become a meditation on the Adena culture which built the mounds, and on America as a haunted house: populated by ghosts of a past we have forgotten or never known.

A few years ago a Brooklyn-based band known as Pinataland wrote and recorded a song based on my travel to Ashland as described in Sinister Forces and sent me the link.  It was uncanny how they managed to capture the mood and the context of that trip.  Pinataland specializes in music that describes and illustrates some of America’s more bizarre (yet nevertheless unremembered) events and personalities and they are worth a listen.

You can start with the following link which will lead you to an online recording of “Ashland.”  But don’t stop there.  Pinataland even recorded a song about the strange Coral Castle in South Florida and its enigmatic builder … The whole album is like listening to a volume of Sinister Forces, but without the footnotes!