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About the Author, or “Reality: What a Concept” (with gratitude to Robin Williams)

Here’s where we are supposed to start the whole “branding” thing.  I am uncomfortable with that since I think writers are about their books rather than their favorite color or how they spent their summer vacation, but here goes:

I am a proud, native New Yorker who hails from the Bronx.  I grew up in a lot of places in the United States, from the Bronx to Indiana, Illinois, New Hampshire and back to the Bronx where I graduated from Christopher Columbus High School (the same alma mater as David Berkowitz and Christine Jorgensen) in 1968.

I became involved with the American Orthodox Catholic Church that year, after successfully (and dramatically) gate-crashing the funeral of Bobby Kennedy at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at which point I came to the attention of the “Church.”  There is much more about this church in Sinister Forces and on the Sinister Forces blog (if it gets restored).  The church was a front for domestic and international intelligence activities as I later discovered.  Recently released files from Jim Garrison’s office in the case against Clay Shaw have now proven this beyond a reasonable doubt, I am glad to say.

I later worked for about a year for Spencer Memorial Church in Brooklyn Heights, where I made the acquaintance of the Black Panthers, the Weathermen, various Irish revolutionary groups, and sundry other characters including Oscar Brand and Pete Seeger.

During the Watergate era I began researching what would become Sinister Forces.  I traveled to Chile in 1979 and was detained at Colonia Dignidad, the notorious torture and interrogation center of the Pinochet regime and his dreaded secret police, DINA.  It has recently been revealed that Colonia Dignidad was not only a safe house for ODESSA but also where weapons of mass destruction such as chemical and biological agents were being developed for use by Operation Condor.   The story of Colonia Dignidad is told in my first book, Unholy Alliance.

But many writers have to work for a living, and I am no exception.  I worked for the Bendix Corporation, for Bank Hapoalim, and for an obscure Chinese import-export firm during the Deng Xiaoping era, becoming in the process one of the first Americans to do business in China since the opening of that country during the Nixon administration.

I had also worked — from 1970-1972 — for Stardust, Inc.  in New York’s Garment District. The son of the owner of Stardust, Stephen Brandt, was an intimate of the Manson Family and committed suicide in New York City shortly before I was employed by Stardust.  And it was while working for that company that I made the acquaintance of someone who had first-hand knowledge of what was going on with Howard Hughes and the CIA.  Heady times.

I became very involved in international trade from the 1970s, on.  This became intensified in 1984 when I began doing business in China.  I had studied Mandarin back in the early 1970s, and it came in handy.  I have since visited every province in China except Tibet.

In 2007 I obtained a master’s degree in Religious Studies and Asian Studies, and am a member of the American Academy of Religion, the T.E. Lawrence Society, AFIO, and a charter member of the Norman Mailer Society.  (I knew Norman for years through a mutual friend, and was fortunate to have been able to visit him and his wife Norris Church in Provincetown on several occasions.)  Mailer wrote the forward to my Unholy Alliance when it was re-issued by Continuum, and he expanded that foreword into a chapter in his book The Spooky Art.

Since that time, my massive study of Americana from the point of view what I call “quantum history”  (was the Kennedy assassination a particle or a wave?) was published by Trine Day and Sinister Forces boasts forewords by such luminaries of deep politics as Jim Hougan, Dick Russell and Paul Krassner, plus blurbs by Mailer and by novelist Katherine Neville.

I have published a number of books with other houses as well, such as The Mao of Business; Stairway to Heaven; and The Secret Temple; all by Continuum;  and Tantric TemplesRatlineThe Angel and the SorcererThe Dark Lord; and now The Hitler Legacy:  all by Ibis Press.

Yes, I have written extensively about subjects as seemingly disparate as esotericism, the Nazis, the Mormons, Freemasonry, Tantra, and China trade but to me they are all connected and reading one of my books usually carries over a theme (and much connective tissue) from one of the others.  Since I have done a lot of traveling — to something like forty countries since the early 1970s — I tend to see the world as interconnected and the religions, business practices, politics, and histories all influencing each other and creating a powerful engine that we are forced to call “reality” for want of a better term.

My books reflect facets of that complicated diamond, and taken together are like that story of the blind men and the elephant:  each blind man describes the elephant the best he can and each disagrees with the other;  I have seen reality from different perspectives,  and at different times in our history, and know that one eventually is forced to reconcile one view with the other, or go mad.

You can view my published work as trilogies:  the three volumes of Sinister Forces make up the American Trilogy;  the three volumes Unholy Alliance, Ratline, and The Hitler Legacy make up the Nazi Trilogy;  The Secret Temple, The Angel and the Sorcerer, and The Dark Lord  make up the Western Esoteric Trilogy;  Stairway to Heaven, Tantric Temples, and the upcoming The Tantric Alchemist will make up the Initiatory Trilogy.  The Mao of Business seems to stand alone, but it provides a kind of key for understanding the author and his background in the “real” world: how that world gave him the tools he needed to stay grounded in the pragmatic, mundane context of “business without borders”  which is a useful approach to the study of that which is represented by that enigmatic first Trump:  the Magician.

It is said the four responsibilities of the Magician are “To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent.”

Well, three out of four ain’t bad.


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  1. Canada has a not so hidden underworld of both politico/ bureaucratic and business organizations run and influenced by pro German persona including some of the not so christian Christian entities. it is being redirected from its constitutional base and is subject to the same violations of democracy as most other western nations.
    The CFR equivalent the Canadian International Council and its senate members include Scotiabank board of Director and Bilderberg member Indira Samaresekera also known as the current president of the University of Alberta. Her invitation to the Aga Khan ( the pakistani head of the Ismaili Muslim community whose grandfather was involved in the partition of India in 1948) whose multicultural centre is located on Sussex Drive and who was awarded the 6th only life Canadian citizenship. His wife a Thiessen family member and similarly Karl Heinz Schreiber provided ex Prime minister and Barrick Gold international affairs advisor Brian Mulroney ( joined now by ex Canadian Foreign Minister Baird) with $300k to “promote” Thyssen initiatives. Barrick gold in joint venture with Chilean/London based Angofasto has interests in Reko Diq the 4th largest gold reserves in NW Pakistan (across the border from SW Afghanistan).
    Brian Mulroney’s successful leadership race against joe clark was in part paid for by a “west” german political party headed by the same person who went on to head Airbus Industrie when Mulroney was involved in the Swiss Air “money for planes scandal” relating to Airbus sale of aircraft to crown corporation owned and operated Air Canada entity.
    Ex conservative party turned Liberal party MP Belinda Stronach’s father and head of Magna and one time canadian International council member Frank also ran unsuccessfully in country of origin Austria elections.
    Somebody needs to do a thorough investigation of Canadian post war nazi links and subsequent political/business developments,it would be very interesting to see the reach of money.

  2. I finally got to watch one of your interviews. It was Sean Stone’s Into the Buzz Saw. I was very interested with your experiences with the AOCC.. I am a former New Orleanian and I met Jim Garrison at age 12. The same summer the Shaw investigation was leaked to the press. In `79, whilst listening to the radio, they announced the findings of the HSCA. Where they admitted there was more than one shooter . But, it was too long ago. So, don’t expect another investigation. Was the gist of the report. A friend of my sister, who had been listening, offered a story. Her grandfather had been in the Johnson admin. Where he claimed, LBJ bragged openly about killing the Kennedys.. On the Sinister Forces front, in `87, I was invited to Tampa by an associate who was going to start up a business or two and he invited me to join his venture. Upon meeting his financier, I discovered something very interesting. This gent’s was called “Duke”, he had been born in the US and whilst visiting Germany in `39 for his grandmother’s funeral was allegedly conscripted into the Wermacht. He later became the commander of a SS unit. Where in `44 he and his command robbed a bank and disappeared. Many moons later, his old alma mater looks him up and informed him he’s on their new “Globalization Team”.. Duke said, “You never leave the club.” Hence, with an International Law certification, where he allegedly practiced law in the Bahamas and wore a powdered wig. Duke was writing contracts to offshore small US mfg’s overseas. My associate was his front man. In `87 Duke predicted there would be tax breaks for his offshoring endeavors. He was right. Duke, dressed like an old biker, raised hybrid pit bulls and did pro bono legal work in his run down Tampa neighborhood. I was in the USAR at that time and he asked me if I wanted to be a US Marshall. He said he could get me in.. I declined his gracious offer and returned to NOLA. Hence, my brushes with Jim Garrison and Nazi International.

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